Mo' Betta Wu: "Rainy Days"
Mo' Betta Wu: "Triumph/Verbal Intercourse"
"Mo' Betta Wu" Highlights!
Mo' Betta Wu : "Shimmy Shimmy Ya"
Mo' Betta Wu : "Cream"

logo-mo-betta-wuEnter a jazz club like no other where powerhouse vocalist Killandra Bea and the Shinobis swing the best in hip hop. This night they treat you to a retrospective of Shaolin’s finest, The Wutang Clan.

Combining Killandra’s unique voice and passion with the Shinobi’s stylized jazz infused interpretations of classic records like “C.R.E.A.M.”, “All I Need”, and “Rainy Days,” audiences can expect a show like no other.

So get ready to enter the 36 chambers of the mad and melodic Killandra Bea as she reminds you that even when the boom bap is transformed to be-bop, The Wu aint nothin’ to f*** with.